Sober(ish) Newsletter: April '24

Kim Gamez


Hi friends, Kimmie G, founder of Sober(ish) here. In each “Splash of Mischief” there will be exclusive updates from Sober(ish) Grandma - I tell her everything 😉, Sober(ish) Swaps, Recipes from YOU, and Random News so you are up to date on all things Sober(ish).  

My mission with Sober(ish) is to empower the sober-curious to embrace a Sober(ish) journey. I believe a "splash of mischief" is key, because who said being responsible can’t be fun? 

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GRANDMA'S GOSSIP: She's Got All the Sober(ish) News! 

Listen in as Sober(ish) Grandma gives an update on Bob’s hip, the incoming Sober(ish) Drops, what's she's drinking (these mango pineapple citrus Calexos that take you on a "trip" to somewhere warm!), and more! Watch now.

P.S. You can get Grandma's Sober(ish) sweatshirt!


SOBER(ISH) SWAP: Margarita

My mom and I have been enjoying some non-alcoholic margaritas. Sometimes we add Sober(ish) Drops, and sometimes we don't. Either way they are delivering on our hankerings for a Marg'! Check out our Margarita-ish Favorites


Check out this month's featured recipe! > Each newsletter we hope to share a new recipe from you - our Sober(ish) Friend! We love hearing about what special mixtures you have come up with. Please share your drink recipes here!


Random Updates:

💧 Drops: Next batch of Sober(ish) Drops are on their way. The manufacture is bottling them this week. They are saying they should here next week-- eek!

💁🏼‍♀️ Social Media: TikTok is taking off, people are loving my anniversary post. My husband, on the other hand, thinks it's super cringy but that's ok. 

🌴 Spring Break: The family and I survived Orlando, good thing I had a bottle of my drops to keep my sanity at Disney.  


Cheers to adulting AF (alcohol free),


Kimmie G

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  • Can’t wait to try the drops!Excited

    Teresa Groome
  • OMG!! This is gold! Love your content.


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