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Brain Pop Smart Soda

Everything you need to know about Brain Pop

About the Brand: Founded by a kick-ass female founder, Sierra Hooshiari, Founder from Hoboken, NJ, BrainPOP Drink is a healthy, productive, tasteful, and fun smart soda packed with four amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, complemented by an anti-oxidant caffeine blend in all four flavors- Mojito Madness, Mango Colada, DragonBerry Warrior, and Coconut Delight.

Price: $19.60 on Amazon for a 6 pack or *$17.64 on their website. 

*Plus you are giving the brand more of their profits if you buy from their site and not on Amazon :) 

Taste: The Amazon reviews for Brain Pop echo my sentiment - a delightful boost of energy paired with flavors that hit the spot. The consensus leans toward the positive, making it a recommendable choice for those seeking both taste and an energy lift. I really enjoyed the mojito but the dragonfruit was delicious as well.

Effect: According to reviews, Brain Pop seems to deliver on the promised energy boost, making it a reliable option for those needing a pick-me-up without the jitters.

Flavors Available: The variety in flavors caters to different preferences, offering a diverse selection for potential enthusiasts.

In Summary: The Amazon reviews shed some additional light on portraying Brain Pop as a successful venture with positive feedback (average 4.5 start reviews).  If the additional reviews are anything to go by, Brain Pop and its companions are worth considering for an energy-infused flavor journey. I know I sure enjoyed them.

Hopefully this was helpful but please leave a review if you decide to buy. 


Kimmie G, Founder of SOBER(ISH)

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