12 pack THC Infused Social Tonic

 Everything you need to know about CANN:

About the Company: Now one of the best-selling cannabis drink companies in the U.S., Cann is taking the notion of “California sober” to the next level, offering the very first microdosed cannabis beverage as an uplifting social lubricant—completely hangover-free—while simultaneously putting equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives at the forefront. 

Cost: From $39 for a 12 pack on their site

Taste: CANN's commitment to excellence is evident in every sip. The standard flavors are a testament to their mastery, providing a delightful experience that hits the right notes. What sets CANN apart is their exploration of seasonal blends, adding an exciting twist to the classic lineup. My favorite classic flavor is the Blood Orange Cardamon as it tastes like OJ with a little fizz. So nice!

Effect: With a focus on elevating refreshment, their beverages provide a subtle yet enjoyable effect, adding an extra layer to the overall enjoyment. A reviewer from their site says "This stuff is amazing. I have totally given up my nightly wine fix! With virtually no calories and an amazing buzz, CANN has it all!"

Seasonal Blends: One of the standout features of CANN is its commitment to creativity. The introduction of seasonal blends keeps the experience fresh and exciting, providing enthusiasts with new and intriguing options to explore.

In Summary: For those seeking a premium and innovative beverage experience, CANN stands tall as a leader in the space.  With a commitment to delicious flavors, a touch of uniqueness in seasonal blends, and a subtle yet enjoyable effect, CANN is a sip into excellence.

Cheers to elevated refreshment,

Kimmie G, Founder of SOBER(ISH)



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