CBD-Infused Seltzers

Everything you need to know about Daytrip's CBD Sparkling Waters:

About the Company: DayTrip is on a mission to make every sip a genuine experience, bringing you moments and tastes that are as authentic as it gets.

Cost: $29.99 for a pack of 6 on  Daytrip's website 

Taste: Alright, let's talk flavors. Daytrip's CBD Sparkling Waters are like a flavor explosion without any fake stuff. The Grapefruit one, my personal fave, is like biting into a juicy grapefruit with some bubbles– no kidding. The sweetness hits that perfect spot.

Effect: These aren't just your regular sparkling waters; they've got CBD in the mix. I don't know about you, but I'm all about those calm vibes. The CBD in these drinks is like a gentle hug for your body and mind. So, sip away, and feel that relaxation kick in – it's like a spa day in a can.

Flavors Available: Daytrip's got a lineup that's a party for your taste buds. Beyond Grapefruit, there's a whole crew of flavors to try. 

In Summary: If you're into beverages that go beyond just tasting good, Daytrip's CBD Sparkling Waters are a game-changer. At $29.99 for 6 cans, it's a treat that's worth every penny. So, jump on the flavor train with Daytrip and let your taste buds thank you later.

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Kimmie G, Founder of SOBER(ISH)

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