Clever Mocktails

Clever Mocktails

About the Company: Crafted in Montréal, Canada, Clever is a non-alcoholic drinks company creating mocktails and non-alcoholic gin using botanicals and natural flavors.

Cost: $34.20 for a 12 pack on their website or $35.99 on Amazon 

*You may think it is only a couple of cents but you are giving the brand more of their profits if you buy from their site! 🙌🏻

Taste: According to a reviewer, Clever Mocktails offers intricate flavor profiles. For the Gin & Tonic, he was surprised by how close it tasted to a real G&T without the alcohol burn. Pink G & Tonic has notes of berries and blackcurrantbut would pick the Pink G&T when craving something more fruity in my drink. As for the Mojito, the taste of mint was quite overwhelming and artificial, and this non-alcoholic Mojito reminded me more of an iced mint tea than a Mojito.

Effect: While no buzz is involved, Clever Mocktails aim to elevate the non-alcoholic experience, delivering a tailored indulgence.

Flavors Available: Clever Mocktails boasts diverse options, from the Smoky Margarita to the Herbal Spritz, offering variety in alcohol-free alternatives.

In Summary: For those seeking sophisticated alcohol-free options, Clever Mocktails seems worth exploring. 

Cheers, Kimmie G, Founder of SOBER(ISH)

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