Drink Recipes

Jalapeño Margarita 3 Ways, A Version for Everyone
Jun 12, 2024
Are you ready to spice up your cocktail game? Look no further than the Sober(ish)...
Pina-Rita: A New Summer Favorite
Jun 12, 2024
Are you ready to mix up your cocktail game with a fun and refreshing twist?...
Jeanette's Fauxmosa Recipe
Apr 02, 2024
Thank you Jeaneatte from Lockport, NY for sharing her Fauxmosa recipe. It is delicious and we love it as a replacement for our brunch Mimosas.
Viral Sleepy Girl Mocktail with a Buzz Recipe
Jan 23, 2024
Today, we're excited to introduce our take on the viral Sleepy Girl Mocktail, transformed into...