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Cheers to Adulting AF (alcohol free)

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What Customers Are Saying

Penelope R.Verified Customer

I loved the Sober(ish) drops! They were perfect. Very relaxed without feeling weird. Definitely was a wine-like comparison!

Natalie D.Verified Customer

This stuff was amazing! I was shocked I didn’t taste or smell anything, but definitely got a great buzz. Woke up feeling completely rested the next day.

Amanda H.Verified Customer

OMG I had the BEST BUZZ! I woke up all chipper, in the best mood ever. This would NEVER happen after a fun night (like last night) if it was alcohol.

Joan S.Customer

As a 50-year-old who once loved cocktails and wine but hated the next-day headaches and sluggishness, your TikTok intrigued me. Inspired by you, I ventured into alternatives like Cycling Frog (my fav), Floral, and Cann. Now I feel better, and my arthritis pain has improved. Excited to try the new drops soon! :-)

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Some times we get a little carried away-- but who said being Sober couldn't be fun?

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