Super Easy Buzzy Lemonade Spritzer Recipe

Super Easy Buzzy Lemonade Spritzer Recipe

Jan 23, 2024Kim Gamez

Today, we're excited to share a refreshing and lively recipe for our Buzzy Lemonade Spritzer – a zesty blend of lemonade, sparkling water, and the subtle buzz with our Sober(ish) Drops.

What is a Buzzy Lemonade Spritzer?

Buzzy Lemonade Spritzer (noun):

  • Definition: A non-alcoholic spritzer designed to elevate your lemonade experience with the effervescence of sparkling water and a hint of a delightful buzz from Sober(ish) Drops.
  • Usage: "Sipping on a Buzzy Lemonade Spritzer on a sunny day, she reveled in the vibrant blend of citrus and bubbles, leaving her with a cheerful buzz – the epitome of an alcohol-free celebration."
  • Origin: Coined from the fusion of "buzz" (to create a lively and stimulating sensation) and the classic "lemonade spritzer."

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Buzzy Lemonade Spritzer Recipe

Preparation Time: Fast

👩🏼‍🍳 Level Of Difficulty: Super Easy

🍹 Flavor: Citrusy and Sparkling

💰 Cost: Inexpensive


  • 8 oz lemonade
  • 4 oz lemon or lime-flavored sparkling water
  • 1 ml of our Sober(ish) Drop
  • Ice cubes
  • Lemon slices for garnish


  1. Prepare the Base:

    • In a glass, pour 8 oz of your favorite lemonade. This sets the foundation for a vibrant and citrusy flavor.
  2. Add Sparkle:

    • Pour 4 oz of lemon or lime-flavored sparkling water into the glass. The effervescence adds a lively twist to your spritzer.
  3. Introduce the Buzz:

    • Drop in 1 Sober(ish) Drop. This flavorless addition will bring a subtle and delightful buzz, enhancing your experience without the need for alcohol.
  4. Ice It Up:

    • Fill the glass with ice cubes to keep your Buzzy Lemonade Spritzer refreshingly chilled.
  5. Stir & Garnish:

    • Stir gently to blend the flavors, and your Buzzy Lemonade Spritzer is ready to be enjoyed!
    • Garnish with lemon slices for a citrusy touch and visual appeal.

Why Choose the Buzzy Lemonade Spritzer?

Our Buzzy Lemonade Spritzer is more than just a beverage; it's a celebration of vibrant flavors and mindful choices. Here's why it deserves a spot in your repertoire:

  • Citrusy Elegance: The combination of lemonade and sparkling water creates a refreshing and citrusy spritzer that's perfect for any occasion.

  • Subtle Buzz: With the addition of Sober(ish) Drops, you can enjoy the zest of a lemonade spritzer with a gentle and delightful buzz, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a sober or low-alcohol lifestyle.

  • Effortless Refreshment: Whether you're lounging by the pool or hosting a gathering, the Buzzy Lemonade Spritzer is the epitome of easy and refreshing elegance.

  • Customizable Bliss: Feel free to adjust the sweetness by adding more lemonade or the buzz factor with additional Sober(ish) Drops. Make it your own!

At Sober(ish), we believe that every sip should be a celebration! Our Buzzy Lemonade Spritzer offers a perfect balance of citrusy zing, effervescence, and a subtle buzz, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a non-alcoholic spritzer with a unique twist. Try out this recipe, and let your taste buds dance in joyous celebration of the sober(ish) lifestyle.

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